Strategy Sharpeners

Strategy Sharpeners (Day-Long Sessions)

Is your marketing strategy weak? Does your cash flow situation need to improve? Are you struggling to improve internal processes? Do you have the right talent in the right seats? These day-long sessions are designed to help you answer these questions, using a combination of Scaling Up principles, best practices from industry thought leaders, and years of business management experience.

Marketing Strategy Evaluation

In this session, we help you define your core customer, brand promise catalytic mechanism) and demand drivers. We also assess audience accessibility, marketing plan, and the components of you digital marketing strategy (SEO, PPC / SEM, email / database marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization, etc.).

Cash Strategy Evaluation

Taking a close look at your cash conversion cycle, we help you optimize your sales cycle, production and inventory cycle, delivery cycle, and billing/payment cycle. Working with senior leaders, we will use Gazelle’s Power of One exercise to review and improve seven key drivers of cash flow.

Talent Evaluation

Are you consistently hiring “A players” in your company, and where are your “C Players” hiding? We show you how to grade each team member using objective performance criteria and core values alignment. We help you find talent gaps, put a proven hiring process in place, and show you how to integrate core values into candidate selection.

Critical Process Evaluation

Looking closely at flow, ownership, and key performance indicators, we find opportunities to improve efficiencies for the processes that drive your growth. Establishing roles, removing communication barriers, and evaluating automation solutions are help you optimize performance and reduce labor and production costs.

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