Scaling Up Implementation

Scaling Up / Rockefeller Habits Implementation

Working with your executive team, our Gazelles certified coach helps you implement the Scaling Up Business Operating System within your entire organization. Designed to meet even the most challenging goals, our program helps your team define your company’s core values, create a unique market position, design a highly-specific growth plan, develop a cohesive set of priorities, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), setaccountabilities for every person in the company, and teach you the best ways to hire, evaluate, and motivate team members. This will help you:

  • Grow your company faster
  • Execute without drama
  • Increase cash flow
  • Take market share
  • Work faster & smarter

The Scaling Up Implementation Includes:

Kick-Off / Annual Workshop

Scaling Up begins with an annual workshop that includes your company’s senior leadership team. During this two-day intensive meeting, our Tenfold Advisors coach introduces the Scaling Up concepts and outlines your strategy for the next year in the form of an annual plan (the One Page Strategic Plan or OPSP). We then define your priorities for the next quarter, put in place departmental KPIs, and introduce proper meeting rhythms that ensure accountability.

Quarterly Planning Sessions

During the next three quarterly planning sessions, your leadership team will review performance from the previous quarter and put in place the plan for the next quarter. Similar to the annual workshop, these two-day sessions take an in-depth look at culture, strategy, execution, and cash.

Monthly Advisory/Coaching Session

Tenfold will meet with every member of your executive team monthly to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure that the Scaling Up rhythms and agreed-upon objectives are being adhered to. This powerful one-on-one time coaching helps executives learn world-class planning and execution.

Schedule a no-risk discovery meeting to learn what Tenfold Advisors can do for you.

Schedule a no-risk discovery meeting to learn what Tenfold Advisors can do for you.