Digital Marketing Assessments

Digital Marketing Assessments

CEOs: Find out if you have the right digital marketing team, strategy, and tactics in place.

Investors: Find out how much growth potential exists in potential acquisitions.

Digital marketing is the growth engine for many companies. Since marketing starts the revenue funnel, the extent to which you can drive interest in your products or services, and turn traffic into leads or sales at an efficient acquisition cost, helps CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, and investors understand how much they can truly grow a company.

This in-depth assessment helps evaluates the reach of your current digital marketing program, the potential of adding additional digital marketing channels, and what personnel and/or expertise are missing from your digital marketing team. The assessment will answer the following questions:

  • How scalable is your digital marketing program?
  • What marketing channels should we be leveraging?
  • Do we have a comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) strategy?
  • How many SEO best practices are you following to ensure you are ranked for your keyword phrases? How many are you missing?
  • Are you leveraging social channels correctly to drive the most growth?
  • How should you leverage your customer communication strategy (email / database marketing) to drive growth?
  • To what extent are your website and landing pages optimized for conversion?
  • How should you be leveraging affiliate marketing to drive customer acquisition?
  • Do you have a predictive marketing plan that measures campaign ROI on a consistent basis?
  • Do you have the right team in place to execute your growth strategy?

Tenfold Advisors leverages two decades of digital marketing experience to give you proven insights, an accurate view of growth potential, and a clear understanding of team capabilities.

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